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Delivery contents:

  • keycabins base plates
  • L / H (9cm x 2cm)
  • 1 bottle opener with integrated screwdriver and hanging loop made of stainless steel (laser-engraved logo)

  • 2 stainless steel screws with rubber washers

  • 2 stainless steel screw extensions 5mm

  • 2 stainless steel screw extensions in 10mm

  • 20 intermediate rings 1mm, 2 spacer rings 4mm

  • 1 transparent box for storing small parts with screw cap

  • Packaging box from recycled kraft paper with transparent window


1. Insert the bolt with the KC logo into the left hole of the base plate.



2. Insert the second bolt into the second borehole.


3. Turn the base plate, place it on the table and place a washer on the left-hand bolt.



4. Also place a washer on the opposite side.


5. Place bottle opener with logo turned down and attach key ring plates.



6. A washer is placed on the two elements.


7. Attach first key.

The number of keys is divided so that the same number of keys are placed on both sides of the keycabin.

Should someone have an odd number of keys, then the end of the side with the smaller number of keys is filled with washers, so that the levels are evenly balanced.


8. Place the washer on the first key.


9. Attach the second key.



10. After the last key has been fitted, the bolt is filled with washers so that finally one millimeter of bolt remains visible. If more keys are attached, the supplied extension pieces 5mm / 10mm are screwed onto the bolt. The keycabins will continue to be filled.


Between each key, element or base plate, washers are always placed so that there is no friction between the metals and all parts are easy to move.


11. Attach the cover plate to the filled key side.



12. Turn the cover plate slightly by hand with the first screw and turn tthe keys outwards of the keycabin.


13. Install the first key on the second side.



14. Install additional keys and always place a washer between the keys.


15. Finally, fill the bolt with washers so that one millimeter of the bolt remains visible. Turn back the cover plate onto the bolt.



16. Using the second screw, finalize the cover plate. Tighten both screws with a coin so that the keys are comfortable to move.

Make sure that the screws are only screwed in so tightly that the rubber seals on the screws are not pressed flat or even damaged by excessive pressure.


17. Congratulations .... the keycabin is now successfully assembled.



18 . The car key is mounted with a key ring on the small key-ring plate.

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